$5 of Every Massage Helps VICIS

VICIS has made it their mission to help save youth sports by enabling better access to the safest equipment available.

For two years he stood on the sidelines at games, practices and lift sessions, knowing he wouldn't be able to touch the field.

Hunter's Story

A year ago I was introduced to a high school student, Hunter, who suffered a long lasting concussion his freshman year of high school. The injury was so severe, it took until his junior year to really recover. For two years he stood on the sidelines at games, practices and lift sessions, knowing he wouldn't be able to touch the field.

Then, he taught himself to kick a field goal so he could still be part of the team, and play the game he loved. Then, someone shared a video with his mom about a type of helmet that was coming out, developed by some of the world's leading engineers and neurosurgeons.

She and her husband had fears of putting him back on the line, but maybe it would be okay in a somewhat safer position. The downfall was the helmet was $1,500 and just being used for college and NFL.

So Mindy's husband decided to email the VICIS Foundation telling them, their son Hunter's story. They received a call back from Lisa Ertz (her son is Zach Ertz, tight-end for the Philadelphia Eagles) wanting to talk to them.

She had read the email to the board and they had decided Hunter would receive a helmet. Here is a kid who isn't a college prospect, doesn't attend a D-1 high school, and they still chose him to get a helmet!

After hearing this story and meeting Hunter and Mindy Kamann, I started thinking about how I could help. Not only did Hunter's story touch me, but I work with a lot of high school/college athletes and have a nephew that loves the game of football —and if I can do anything to make this game a little safer I would love to do what I can.

Mindy put me in contact with Lisa and I put my plan in place of proposing to her that I want to donate $5.00 of every massage I do to the VICIS Foundation, not knowing if they would want to work with a small business like myself, I thought "what can it hurt?".

To my excitement she was very much willing to work together and we also talked about how important equipment is - but even more than than that - how important the education is around safety. Everyone knows how my love for young people motivates me to educate wherever possible.

I just believe so much in what this foundation stands for and will do what I can to help get the word out and help raise money.

So every massage I do $5.00 goes to the VICIS Foundation

Please feel free to check out their website!

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